Windows Mobile Weekly Roundup

by Todd Ogasawara

Apple iPhone Launch Impressions
Apple iPhone Launch Day
I went to a local Apple store today after work to take a look at the iPhone. I expected to find a couple of hundred people lined up there (the larger Apple store a few miles away probably drew many more people) and, indeed, found around 500 people standing in segmented lines (to allow foot traffic). There were a number of things that surprised me while standing in line... Read more...

Picasaweb for Mobile Devices
Picasa Web for Mobile Devices
Google announced Picasa Web Albums for Mobile Devices. You can find the announcement at... Put your photos on a map, and Picasa on your phone ... and the mobile friendly site itself at...

I tried it on both a Smartphone and Pocket PC (see screencap above) and the site worked fine on both platforms

Clusty Mobile Search Engine
Clusty Mobile Search Engine
I guess you can't have too many mobile friendly web search engines. Here's another one you can find at:

It differentiates itself by dividing (or clustering) search results into groups such as web, images, and deeper drill downs into the category (say "windows mobile").

HTC Advantage Pocket PC Phone Edition Unique Keyboard

The HTC Advantage Professional Edition (Pocket PC Phone Edition) is a very unique device in the Windows Mobile world. The first thing that strikes you is its 5 inch LCD display. Its fast processor and 802.11g (not 11b) WiFi makes it a great web browsing tool with that big display. And, of course, it is hard not to notice its big keyboard in various product photos. So, I was quite puzzled when I was able to play with one for a while because I couldn't figure out where the keyboard. I thought it might pull out from the bottom or, perhaps, be a clamshell design with the keyboard covering the screen. As it turns out, it is neither though my second guess is closer. Its keyboard is a separate device that links up magentically. Click on the screen cap above to go to YouTube where I posted a short video demonstrating how it works. Very cool design.

Windows Mobile 6 Voice Command Tutorial
Microsoft Voice Command Icon
As far as I can figure Microsoft Voice Command is now in the firmware of Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition (Smartphone) and Professional Edition (Pocket PC Phone Edition) devices. You might recall that my friend Frank McPherson and I had couple of give-and-take blog commentaries on opposing sides of its usefulness (Frank's Pro, I'm not so keen on it). I guess voice dialing would be useful if it worked consistently. But, where I live, we have a lot of ethnic names (like mine!) that it seems to get confused with. And, I'm not sure how useful mild shouting application commands is compared to just clicking a button or two (especially on Smartphone with a thumb keyboard that can be dealt with one hand). But, if you would like to get the most out of Microsoft Voice Command, head over to Microsoft's tutorial at...

Microsoft Voice Command Tutorial