Windows Mobile Weekly Roundup

by Todd Ogasawara

Gartner Says: More Macs, More by 2012
Sat, 02 Feb 2008 21:28:48
Information Week quotes some Gartner predictions in the article... More Macs, More Mobile, More Open Source, Gartner Predicts They predict mobile workers will abandon the notebook form factor in favor of what they term new classes of Internet-centric pocketable devices at the sub-$400 level. Believe it or not, people have been making this prediction since the early [...]
PayPal Security Key: Part 2
Fri, 01 Feb 2008 21:59:39
I received my replacement PayPal Security Key and went through the activation process again. Fortunately, the process went smoothly this time. I made a small purchase to test the purchase process and it also went well. Here’s something to note though. After completing the activation process, PayPal instructs you to use the system by logging [...]
Windows Mobile Calendar Weirdness: Outlook Overrides Smartphone Changes
Thu, 31 Jan 2008 22:12:08
This Windows Mobile Calendar problem happens all the time to me ever since Microsoft removed the two-way conflict resolution option. Here’s the scenario. 1. Create an appointment on a WiMo smartphone 2. Sync it to Outlook 2003 (or 2007) 3. After syncing, edit the appointment and change it to a different day (i.e., reschedule it) 4. Resync it with [...]
Why Do US Cell Phone Companies Hate Text Messages?
Thu, 31 Jan 2008 17:41:15
An article over on talks about the high cost of text messaging and calculates some interesting comparisons based on AT&T Wireless’ upcoming increased charge of 20 cents per text message and 30 cents per MMS message. Based on the assumption of a cost of 1 cent for every 7 bytes (characters), AT&T’s text messaging [...]
The Mysteries of Windows Mobile Battery Problems
Tue, 29 Jan 2008 22:38:00

Of all the problems a Windows Mobile smartphone might have, battery problems rank somewhere in the top three if not number one. Why? If your battery dies at an inopportune time, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of the phone is, you have a paper weight. Having a spare always helps, of course, but [...]
iZoho: Zoho Web Office Suite for the iPhone/iPod touch
Mon, 28 Jan 2008 22:43:03

Cool sites designed specifically for the iPhone (and by side effect the iPod touch) just keep on coming. I’ve been using the Zoho Creator web database product for almost a month now because it works well both on the desktop as well as mobile devices (not just the iPhone). However, Zoho created a very nice [...]
Sync Windows Mobile with a Mac?
Sun, 27 Jan 2008 22:58:55
I installed Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac this weekend and have been giving some thought to syncing my Windows Mobile smartphone with a Mac instead of Windows XP (I have Vista running but don’t want to use WMDC). Unfortunately, all of the solutions have issues. Here are my options. Sync my smartphone with Mac OS X’s [...]