Windows, station wagons, and two-edged swords

by Jonathan Gennick

A key benefit from having a weblog is that you can quickly and easily post your thoughts on a topic for all to see. Alas, lurking within that advantage is the risk that you might post in the heat of the moment something that you later regret. Last week I made such a post.

Friday last week, in response to the new name "Windows Vista", I took a rather gratuitious potshot at Microsoft. It is true that I find their new product name uninspiring, and I really did immediately think of "station-wagon" (I'm old enough to remember the Vista Cruiser), but my post on the topic brought no benefit to anyone. If you're one of the people who read my post, I apologize for its inflammatory nature. You deserve better. Next time I will make it a point to calm down a bit and consider my words more thoughtfully.


2005-07-26 06:33:38
No worries
If that's the worst you've done, you're doing pretty well. :)
2005-07-26 12:02:25
That post was nowhere near inflammatory. I'm surprised to see you've removed it. In my book, this horrendous name deserves all the criticism, and then some. Even Scoble's brother hates it:

MS should simply stick to numbers, years, and other mundane conventions. It accurately reflects the lack of creativity and originality shown in every version of their OS software.

Or, they could continue to copy from Appple. Perhaps, instead of wild cats, they could name each version afer...housecats!

Here are a few suggestions:

Abyssinian 5.0

Shorthair XL

Persian Professional

Sphinx 6