Windows Total Cost of 0wnership rules!

by Anton Chuvakin

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It is simply unbelievable how many folks took it "seriously" and thought that it is yet another biased study telling you that Windows is better than Linux. Its NOT, it is something _completely_ different.

Here is my favorite quote (with my highlights): "Immunity's findings clearly show that the best platform for your targets to be running is Microsoft Windows, allowing YOU unparalleled value for THEIR dollar."


2004-08-18 19:20:14
Windows Total Cost of Ownership Rules!
How can that be when Windows costs tens of thousands, while Linux is free?

Is there such a thing as a complete oxymoron idea?

Linux will surpass Windows, there is no doubt of that.

Already, KDE works on NT which is XP with a different name. And it doesn't cost you $300.00 per client.

No, for business Linux is the most cost effective implementation.

When your total cost of ownership is zero, everything else is profit.

2004-08-18 23:31:53
Did you even read anything the blog entry or the article it links say?

Anton couldn't have asked for any better demonstration than your comment. Seriously, this is just rich. Now you'll excuse me, I have to laugh my rear end off.

2004-08-19 02:15:42
of course not, your standard Linux zealot doesn't read anything that's not approved by the Kabal of slashdot.

And as to TCO, if you add the hugely increased support and training cost of using Linux or similar systems you may well find you're paying more over time to use them, yet something else the zealots won't tell you (and yes, I did read the entire entry, I just don't agree with it).

2004-08-19 07:37:27
os x is a toy?
"As clearly demonstrated, other than the toy OS Mac OS X, Windows has the lowest TC0 on the market."

A rock-solid, user-friendly, and pretty UNIX? Are they smoking crack?! This is a "toy"?! I don't think so, what a bunch of morons...

What? Satire? What's that?


I see, it's some kind of hacker joke?

What's that funny-looking list of text at the end?
2004-08-20 07:17:19
People Use your Brains
Doesn't anyone get what this is saying? I think the last paragraph get's it right.

"Immunity's findings clearly show that the best platform for your targets is Microsoft Windows, allowing you unparralled value for their dollar."

It's a satire!