Wireless Bloggers Created Second Conference at PC Forum

by David Sims

Esther Dyson writes that during an interview with Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio at last month's PC Forum, two wireless bloggers in the audience were engaged in high-tech heckling that changed the course of the on-stage interview. While Nacchio was "bemoaning" the challenges of today's tough telecom market, "Linux Journal Senior Editor Doc Searls and San Jose Mercury News columnist Dan Gillmor, got e-mails from a friend ... with a hyperlink to Nacchio's stock sales," Dyson writes. "Both posted the link, and Gillmor added to the thread: 'Joe Nacchio, CEO of Qwest, is whining. Poor guy, who took gazillions out of the company ... in stock sales while piling on the debt and giving shareholders a not-so-good deal, is bemoaning problems in capital formation ..."

Somewhere around this point, the audience -- many of whom had laptops with them and were monitoring the real-time blog, turned hostile. Dyson can't say whether their reaction was due to the blog with its link, or simply to Nacchio himself, but she says one thing was clear: a second conference was occuring simultaneous to the first.