Wireless Goes to Washington

by Ash Dyer

There's a big debate in Washington right now over open access rules for wireless. It has started with an elusive interview with Chairman Martin conducted by USA Today on Monday. In addition, Frontline Wireless has been making a big press move against Chairman Martin, asserting that his proposal is part of the agenda of Verizon & AT&T lobbyists.

The story has been covered by (among others):
• Wall Street Journal (access controlled :-( )
LA Times
RCR Wireless News

These developments are all playing into the House Telecommunications subcommittee hearing today, which will address wireless and innovation (watch live - left column). It remains to be seen how these developments will play into the upcoming FCC auction of the 700 MHz spectrum, but cross your fingers for some more openness in the new spectrum!

BTW - if you want to share your thoughts with the House, you can use this contact form: http://energycommerce.house.gov/membios/contact_form.shtml.


2007-07-11 13:15:03
Here is a link to the archive of the footage: