Wireless: killer app without being an app

by Steve Mallett

It struck me this morning how powerful wireless connectivity can be. Specifically, how wireless connectivity is the killer app without being an app.

I'm pondering this quite a bit lately as I'm slowly making my switch from being tethered to the net to wireless freedom. And it occurred to me that not only can being wireless free me from cable bondage, but it can free me from application bondage.

Let me give you a 'for instance'; Microsoft Office. While online webservices are still outpaced by the functionality of the stand-alone office suite we all know and love to hate, the locally installed app's real usefulness is that while not connected to the net you can work anywhere you can lug you computer. But, what if you can publish straight to the net everywhere?

Consider that at this very moment I am blogging straight to the net. There is no office application assisting me in writing out my thoughts. These words go straight to the net, sans office suite. That is because I am wireless.

If I were not connected to the net at this moment I would be forced to work locally on my machine. I would need a client of some kind installed on my laptop. I can save this piece as a draft to the server that is acting as my webservice without an intermediary. How cool is that? I don't need MSOffice or any other office app. At least for what I do. Just a browser.

However; consider this, as more people can connect straight to the net, via wireless connectivity, the functionality of these webservices will only increase. You know the drill, demand begets supply.

Wireless kills apps. At least on your local machine and moves them to the net. Sign me up for more of that!

Does wireless connectivity decrease your dependence on locally installed apps?