Wisdom from Guido and a Request for Help

by Jeremy Jones

Guido, the BDFL for the Python language recently posted concerns about the Python 3000 release schedule. It seems that the discussions are "more about radical redesign of the language than about the relatively modest tweaks that [Guido] had in mind when [he] started the project." His post showed a considerable amount of wisdom in balancing the needed (and desired) changes with getting things done. In any project, you can spend an infinite amount of time thinking and re-thinking the design, but at some point, you have to decide to get it done even if there are improvements that you could have made.

The results of the post were 1) Guido committed to try to set the tone on the Python 3000 Dev list to focus primarily on the work that needs to get done. 2) He offered to create a Python 4000 list on which people can discuss more radical changes to the language. 3) Guido mentioned some specific items for Python 3000 which he could use some help on. If you're so inclined, read the post I've linked to and see if there's an area where you can lend a hand.


Vance Dubberly
2006-12-19 12:55:10
Hmmm smells like Perl 6.
2006-12-19 13:10:10
@Vance, the initial goals of Perl 6 were pretty modest too. It amused me greatly to see Guido dig at it while realizing the same thing that Larry did.