Wisdom from Mozilla on Healthy F/OSS

by chromatic

But the idea of the Mozilla Foundation de-emphasizing applications in order to transform ourselves into a general purpose "platform" organization -- giving up the fundamental focus on the human being a application focus provides, reducing our ability to help individuals directly -- seems an absolute non-starter to me.

Mitchell Baker, Application vs. Platform Focus

"Mozilla" is the people who understand that telling Mozilla what it should be doing is like saying "nobody in my neighbourhood cares about the litter" but not picking up a piece.

Mike Shaver, now don't take this the wrong way.

You can substitute just about any F/OSS organization for "Mozilla Foundation" in the first quote and any F/OSS project for "Mozilla" in the second.


2007-06-09 04:21:53
I like this comment from Mike better, where I've removed the specific names to make it easier to insert the random nutter and his favorite open source cabal he likes to complain about:

______ didn't need permission from a centralized authority to _________, even ignoring the odd dichotomy of "you should make a centralized decision to _________ so that you're...not acting as a centralized decision making body", he just needed to be willing to take action that might not succeed, and that would put his beliefs and goals out, in a concrete way, where people could see and judge them.