Wondering where those 17 iMac G5s went?

by Giles Turnbull

Just over a week or so ago, the 17" iMac G5s vanished from the Apple Store.

In case you were wondering what had happened to all the old stock, it's pretty clear that Apple is working hard to dispose of it as quickly as possible. Here in the UK, a bunch of 17" G5s have turned up at Morgan Computers, a famous retailer of "surplus, overstock and closeout computer stocks" (their own words) just yards from London's center of technology shopping, Tottenham Court Road.

And at £705 including VAT (that's what we call sales tax over here), they're a pretty good deal - the current price for a brand new Intel-powered 17" iMac is £929.

You don't see Apple kit at Morgan very often; in fact, I don't recall seeing any Apple stuff on sale there before (I don't live in London, but I'm a loyal reader of the Morgan Flyer). Morgan sells good kit at low prices, but it's always stuff that the manufacturers or retailers don't want to have hanging around in their warehouses. Apple is clearly in a big hurry to get these PowerPC machines out of the way, and fast.


2006-02-16 00:18:58
Looks like refurb'd stock rather than new.
2006-02-16 08:10:42
What I don't understand is the retailers in Canada charging the same ($1499) for the G5 or Intel version. Having taken ownership of a 17" Intel iMac, I am very happy with it and can look forward to a longer useful life for it than you would for the G5.
Mike A
2006-02-16 16:15:53
What I think is quite interesting is that they are actually selling the second revision model, not the third. Considering the extras you get with a 3rd revision (iSight, remote) this doesn't actually seem such a bargain.

Wonder why they have so many of these lying around tho?