Wonkosphere: Political Reputation - or at Least Buzz - Management

by Spencer Critchley

It's early days, but just like the record industry, American democracy is being taken apart and rebuilt by digital technology and the web. Why should ONLamp readers care? Many of you will be designing and building our new democracy.

Several trends are converging to make this possible and, I think, inevitable. All are characterized by the loss of centralized control to open and/or free systems. These include the rise of open political platforms, such as moveon.org, as an alternative to parties; and the disintermediation of news coverage via blogs, YouTube and citizen journalism. Lately I've been following the rise of a third trend: alternative ways of tracking candidates' reputations. The latest example of that: Wonkosphere.


2007-09-19 11:58:45
Hi Spencer, thanks for the kind words. Hope you enjoy the election season!
Noah Gift
2007-09-19 17:50:48

I think it is wonderful that you are covering this subject. I do feel very optimistic that the internet can bring back power to the people and expose liars and cheats in politics. It is a great time to be alive. I just started my own social protest in my small town in my blog about Tyrone Georgia Police Department Traffic Enforcement. The ease of using Google Maps in my blog empowered me to strengthen the power of my protest.

Keep up the good work!