Word Handler II

by Robert Daeley

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Brent Simmons pointed to (Green characters on black == bliss) one of my recent stories on emacs, talking about having a special place in our hearts for terminal-based text editors, thanks to our history with Apple II back in the day -- it spawned a bit of an investigation as to which word processor it was that neither of us could remember. Turns out it was Word Handler II, which I tracked down thanks to recognizing its cover in an image attached to an eBay auction of old Apple stuff. I'm mirroring the image here.

In the bottom left, the leatheresque cover. :)

Now if only I could track down a screenshot....


2005-10-03 15:12:57
MacJournal has a full-screen editing mode with black screen/green text. I use it once in a while to scare people at work, although it is far too nice compared to the old //e-fonts that I used to handle ;-)
2005-10-03 15:15:03
You could always use the Apple2Forever font. ;D


2005-10-03 18:17:03
Bank Street Writer
My first word processor experience was on an Apple ][e, and the program I used was Bank Street Writer, by Brøderbund (IIRC ... or maybe that was just the original Print Shop). Still remember typing those old Jr. High reports on that thing.