Working for your vendor without compensation

by Andy Oram

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The slight loosening of conditions for licensing Windows CE has gotten
a lot of coverage in the press, but this critical viewpoint has not.

There is nothing unusual about a company trying to benefit by re-appropriating the work
done by people to whom it offers source code. Netscape/AOL, for
instance, explicitly said in its Mozilla license that it could take
any changes back and use it in proprietary products.

Is this the reason for the changes to shared source licensing?


2003-04-10 12:42:31
6 months the code is YOURS
With this new way of licensing, code can be exclusively reserved for 6 months. Does this mean that when you can a fix, Microsoft cannot use the code for six months? If so, this license should be known as the Trojan license. If not, what does that mean for Intelectual Property ? Who will be appointed judge, jury and executioner ?