Worst Java Fears Confirmed in Latest Court Ruling Against Microsoft?

by Steve Anglin

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"Microsoft intended to deceive Java developers." Within the
following eWeek analysis of the US Court of Appeals decision on June 28 in the Microsoft antitrust case, "Java developers will find their darkest suspicions vindicated."

Does this confirm your suspicions? What are your thoughts?


2001-07-16 16:26:20
Nothing new in the West
Nobody in the IT can tell me that this is new for him. I can recall the 1996 TechEd where M$ said it would know what developers want (Java was one of the biggest and hotest topics) but the very next year there were on 2 Java related sessions left.
M$ always tried and still tries to attract developers to use their tools by hidding important details (which also the Java IDE vendors do). Normally it sounds like: just start with our tools because we relieve you from the ugly complexity underneath. You just have to trust M$ and here you go.
The only thing I don't understand is how big companies can trust M$ even they cost them millions after millions (I just remind you after the "I love you" virus). Is convinience so attractive? We, the customer, can decide M$ future and we should do it (see IBM ten years ago). If you don't like M$ then use another OS or Office Tool even it cost you initialy a little bit more time but it will pay off later because this is the only language M$ understands.