Would you buy Microsoft Antivirus 1.0?

by Anton Chuvakin

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This fun article looks at Microsoft choices in the anti-virus space based on their acquisition of a small anti-virus vendor last year. It provides a pretty interesting analysis of bundled free anti-virus vs extra-cost solution.

Just before I was about to post the blog entry,
this came up. So, it might not only be anti-virus, but also "Microsoft Intrusion Prevention for Solaris 1.0" and "Microsoft Security Management 1.0" as well as "MS Client Security 1.0: We Break It - We Sell You a Fix for $49.95" :-)


2004-06-22 08:34:20
Microsoft Anti-Virus for Windows - © 1994 Central Point SW
Microsoft Anti-Virus for MS-DOS ( MSAV.EXE ) and Microsoft Anti-Virus for Windows [3.11] (MWAV.EXE) were strip down versions of Central Point Anti-Virus that Microsoft bundled with MS-DOS 6.

Microsoft provided the last Signature Update for the product in late 1996, at which point it could detect 2,371 virus. Norton/Symantec's AntiVirus currently detects around 67,700 virus.

I predicted that Microsoft might again take over the Antivirus/security functions in September 2000. A Usenet discussion that took place between myself, Robert Moir and David Harley makes interesting reading given the changes Microsoft is making with it's XP SP2. Linux ( and Unix ) virus :Overview and Linux ( and Unix ) virus :Overview [LONG].

2004-06-23 00:45:27
Microsoft Anti-Virus for Windows - © 1994 Central Point SW
I wonder how many virusses Norton detected in 1996, probably also around 2400...

Also depends on how you count them of course.
Do you consider each and every subversion to be a unique virus to drive the statistics up or not?
e.g., Netsky is now up to 26 versions and counting. Are these 26 distinct virusses or not? Marketing would probably dictate you call them distinct even though there is little enough difference that they're not given distinct names...

2006-01-11 23:26:47
Microsoft Anti-Virus for Windows - © 1994 Central Point SW
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