Would you subscribe to an email newsletter anymore?

by Steve Mallett

Ok, seriously. Would you subscribe to an email newsletter anymore?

Let's just say I have money riding on the answers!


2005-04-23 02:06:59
My reply is no.
Pretty much, if you have regularly published content, and you don’t have some form of newsfeed, noone is going to see it anymore. That’s true at least for the alphageeks. We know what that means for the rest of the world.
2005-04-23 02:07:28
No way
Since you've got money riding on this, I think I'll reply ;-)

My awnser: No.. way..

- Spam: My official email address is now kept as secret as my phonenumber, social security number and pincode. Which means I can't give it out anywhere anymore.

- Ease of use: RSS has replaced Email newsletters. RSS is easier to use, easier to scan through for interesting topics and, perhaps most important, can be filtered and controlled by me instead of the content provider. It also doesn't require entering any form information. I just find the little icon or link, copy paste it and I'm done. Or if the site is really nice, Firefox will display a small icon in the bottom right of the browser for me to click on.

Just the other day I was wondering why sites, especially newssites, still provide these useless options like 'Mail this article to a friend' (does _anybody_ really use that?!), changing the fontsize with those three little icons (Isn't the browser supposed to handle that) and newsletters.

2005-04-23 04:43:28
Yes; KISS principle in action
I do subscribe to email newsletters; my email is my "one true inbox", and using RSS would mean yet another place to look for information.

Using email newsletters keeps my life simpler and less interrupt-driven. RSS is more disruptive.

Same reason I prefer email to IMs.

Of course, your mailage will vary.

2005-04-23 06:21:02
Yes, and I do....
The most useful email newsletter I get is from O'Reilly. And, I've had people tell me that they went out and bought Jakarta Commons Cookbook after they read about it in an email. :-)
2005-04-23 09:32:31
FoRK, OLDaily, VentureWire Alert, ACM Technews, PE Week, Java Specialists, Vanguard Economic Week in Review, ResourceShelf, Tech Tidbits (from accelerating change), Knowledge at Wharton.

2005-04-23 11:18:10
EMails are much more pleasant to read and archive, especially since the informations are coming to me instead of me having to go out and get them.
2005-04-23 11:32:44
No - it's RSS all the way now...
...using Bloglines.

With RSS I'm in complete control over when I want to stop getting the content, and read it when I choose to. I find email *more* disruptive.

2005-04-24 16:06:58
Yeah, though it has to be a *really good* one
Yes, I'm still happy to subscribe to an email newsletter, but it has to prove its worth to me. I still enjoy reading a handful of email-delivered publications; on the other hand, I have noticed that certain ones tend to lurk in my inbox for a long time before they get read. I still spend more time in my mail client than in my RSS aggregator, so there's still a good reason for me to have the stuff arrive in the former, where I'm going to see it first.
2005-04-25 09:34:36
I am drowning in email. I am not sure that RSS is the answer either.
2005-04-26 09:42:12
Re: No way
I use the 'Mail this article to a friend' all the time: either I send article links to my home address (for later in-depth scrutiny), or really to friends.

RSS does not help against information overload, and it is far to easy to miss something interesting (by the way I think that RSS is a weak re-implementation of NetNews).

2005-04-26 17:11:52
how much do i want / need the data ?
Which do I prefer ?
Really depends on whether I'll want to reference the data later. If so, I find that email + gmail labels provide a simple, easily accessible place to store data.
On the othr hand if I really want the data, and you just won't / can't provide an RSS feed (ala http://www.backend.co.nz/inky/ ), then I'll take what I can get
2005-04-27 01:23:11
Only with Bloglines
Sure. But only with a Bloglines email address..
Caitlyn Martin
2008-03-02 09:46:07
Yep, I do. It has to be something that really interests me, though.

BTW, you have a ton of SPAM comments to delete and it didn't take an e-mail newsletter for you to receive them.