Write Once, -Read- Everywhere

by Steve Mallett

"Own your data" was fine, but "Write Once, Read Everywhere" really catches the spirit of DataLibre more.

I don't believe that ideas are generally born in isolation. There are lots of folks around the world reading similar things, having similar thoughts, and it just takes one person to say something publicly, to trigger a lot of people saying, "Yeah, that is the problem I have."

Such it has been with DataLibre. People hate replicating their work. Its burdensome. I've received a metric ton of email, responded to as many blog entries, and one common meme that has come out of it that all people concerned respond to is "Write Once, Read Everywhere".

This sounds very Java-ish, but dammit it if isn't what the true, bottom line intention of DataLibre. People want to be able to produce something once, and have a multitude of options of what to do with it.

Let Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the bookstore down the street, have access to the same data & let them remix it to their delight. Let Flikr, and all the to-come online photo sites have the same photo data without me having to duplicate the effort for all of them. They count on you and I not scaling.

If the web is the platform, information must scale for innovation to perform at its best. And so, write once, read everywhere.


2004-09-26 23:33:58
Never again CDDB!
I think the CDDB debacle is an excellent example of why something like DataLibre is necessary. More power to them (and us) for doing this! Now if only I could figure out how it will work :)
2004-09-27 04:47:10
Never again CDDB!
You are so right. That was the ultimate you-know-what.

We're working on solutions on the DataLibre mailinglist right now.