Writely open to all, VoodooPad updated

by Giles Turnbull

A couple of things related to writing and note-taking:

Writely is now free for anyone to sign up and use. I'd recommend that you at very least give it a try; after trying a lot of different online word processors, I still think Writely is one of the best.

If you're a VoodooPad user, you might want to grab the latest update (3.0.2), and have a go with the super-sekrit experimental tabs that have just been added in. Don't forget to send some feedback to Flying Meat too. Here's a sneak preview. And hey, you can blog with it now.

Talking of wiki-style apps, here's a new one. Park, based to a large extent on TiddlyWiki, describes itself as an "information playground". In brief, it wraps TiddlyWiki up in a browser enclosure all of its own, and adds a few extras, turning it into something more like an app and less like a web page. Not sure it's my cup of tea, but I'll be interested to see what the GTD crowd make of it.


2006-08-17 17:14:56
I tried to go to Writely's website an "unsupported browser" error was triggered. It seems that safari is not welcome? surely not!
2006-08-17 23:34:02
Don't worry "davidg", it's been like that with Google services in the past. Google Calendar, for example, wasn't working in Safari at first but now it is working. Google Spreadsheet still isn't supporting Safari. We may not like it, and I sure don't, but it seems they do get around to supporting Safari eventually.
2006-08-18 00:33:37
Too many redirects occurred trying to open "http://www.writely.com/?action=unsupported_browser". This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page.

Huh? Open to all?
Chris Adamson
2006-08-18 07:21:06
Too many redirects in Shiira too.

If you really need an online word processor (or spreadsheet, or presentation app), take a look at ThinkFree.

Tom Burns
2006-08-18 10:34:18
Thanks for the mention! I'm the lead developer on Park, and we're getting ready to release a much more polished (read: Entirely Cocoa w/ Core Data, no more HTML) 1.0 in the coming days. We'd be interested in any feedback your readers have to offer; they can direct it to info at coalmarch dot com.

2006-08-19 19:34:05

Surely! Not not.

2006-09-02 00:27:49
I found Writely's website still inaccessible to Safari ("unsupported brwoser"). You said Google would come round "eventually". Any idea when?