Writing in the room

by Giles Turnbull

WriteRoom is certainly a nice idea. From the makers of Mori (formerly known as Hog Bay Notebook), it's a free little app that simply enables full-screen editing; the aim is to get rid of your distractions and force you to get writing.


I confess that I was very excited to see a link to something called "WriteRoom" at Hog Bay. I thought perhaps it might be a great new notebook app for writers, sort of an iTunes for texts. It isn't, but that doesn't make it any less useful or helpful. And anyway, Hog Bay's Mori already does that job pretty well.

WriteRoom is nicely configurable. You can edit all the colors for text, background and page, and of course pick any font you wish. The page can also be stretched to any width (in pixels) of your liking. Instead of the default green-on-black, I've opted for a slightly less Old Skool white-on-blue, which makes for an eyestrain-free writing environment.


2006-07-03 12:08:59
You should also check out CopyWrite (http://www.bartastechnologies.com/products/copywrite/). It's designed for writers, and has a full-screen mode. I set it up to look like an old IBM PC amber screen just like the one I used when I was a productive writer. :-)
Roger Weeks
2006-07-03 12:21:21
I'll definitely check this out, but wow, I have never thought that white text on blue background is "eyestrain" free. Blue is a most distracting color for me.

2006-07-05 09:17:38
Love the idea, but it's useless to me without some basic semantics (h1,h2,etc.) & bold/itals.