WS-* and Interop at FOO

by Chris Haddad

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I'm going to be at FOO Camp this weekend meeting up with some distinguished web service luminaries. One topic that i'm looking to chat about is adoption of Web Service Framework (WSF) specifications and the interoperability between various implementations.

Michele and I are currently scoping out our next demo hackathon for Interop Warriors. We are searching for Java, .NET, and LAMP implementations of XKMS, WS-Trust, and WS-SecureConversation (any volunteer contributors out there?) to build upon our prior hackfest demonstrating WS-Security and SAML interop.

Here's the current description on the interop session.

WS-* and Interoperability
As web service specifications tackle more advanced operational semantics, will endpoints maintain the ability to interoperate? Do the WS-I specifications go far enough to ensure interoperability. Are there volunteers who are interested in testing library interop? Recent experiences connecting a Java Open source stack (Axis, WSS4J, SourceID) to .NET will be shared.

More information on the FOO Camp session topics and attendees can be found here.

Got any XKMS, WS-Trust, or WS-SecureConversation implementations to share? What specifications matter most to you?