WWDC Home Automation Recap

by Gordon Meyer

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A few dozen WWDC attendees got together to chat about Home Automation Using Mac OS X at O'Reilly's BOF session last night. We heard from experienced, and beginning, home automators who shared their wish lists and tips for living in a wired home.

Here's a list of some of the tools, products, and websites that we discussed. Plus, I've added a few other resources you might find interesting.

Home Automation Software

Hardware Products

Telephone Integration Products

Introductory Materials

Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing so freely, it was a great example of why conferences are so valuable, and I think we all left with some neat ideas and approaches to explore.

If I missed any URLs, or you have some more to add, post a comment or trackback below.

What was your favorite tip from the session? Got a good link to share?


2004-07-04 09:31:02
Addendum: Zigbee
Gordon, first of all, thank you for coordinating and mediating a delightful BOF at WWDC. I believe I can speak for everyone when I say it was informative, open, and your enthusiasm and success stories were energizing. Thank you.


At WWDC, I told another attendee about the BOF (he forgot about the BOF even though he wanted to attend), and he suggested Zigbee as a successor to X10. Zigbee is an up-and-coming IEEE 802.15.4 standard which does mesh networking. It's lower power than bluetooth so it can run off batteries, and the chips will cost around (projected) $3 by end of year. The chips will be built into the devices, so the devices can become smart (i.e., communicate status information). Motorola and bunch of other companies are supporting this standard.

Here are two links I found on google which provide an overview:


I think Zigbee shows a lot of promise and thought others might be interested as well.

Gordon, thanks for such an informative, open, and inspiring BOF. I ran out and got one of the Ovolab Ph[one]link's after the BOF's suggestion, and look forward to experimenting with it on my soho phone.