WWDC Thursday Morning

by brian d foy

I'm having a good time at WWDC. I can't say much about what actually goes on, but I will let you know that in the morning there was a really cool talk with a great speaker, the fudge brownies that came with lunch were divine, then the afternoon had more cool talks by more cool people.

Randal gave his "Perl as a Glue language" Brown Bag session and it was well attended. People even knew what Perl is. I give my "Advanced Scripting" session in a couple of hours.

The O'Reilly store is selling books like gangbusters, and I hadn't realized they had a lot of new stuff available. I have a long list of books to get now. Make magazine is the big hit, and I got the chance to talk to one of the Make editors for a bit. They have some cool marketing ideas for the future.

I've also seen a lot of Powerbooks with property stickers on them; you know, those things that assign everything a number and scream out "this is given to me by work". Stickers on the silber Powerbooks just seems wrong, even though on the dark-cased G3s it seemed okay.

Tonight there is a party at the Apple Campus. Oh yeah!