WWDC Wednesday Morning

by brian d foy

I finally made it to a WWDC. I've always wanted to go to one of these things, and now that I'm a "Guest Speaker" I can actually afford it. I can't talk about the conference content, but there is plenty that happens in the hallways and outside of the conference schedule.

I got in last night, so I missed the first two days, which makes me the stupid kid in the back asking "Why's everyone talking about Intel" with everyone else saying "That's so Monday". I like seeing so many Powerbooks in the audience. I'm still waiting to see some Windows machine since I figure there has to be one odd duck, but so far it looks like we've all drank the kool-aid.

I got to catch up with some open source people at dinner last night. Apple bought a very nice dinner for the Brown Bag speakers. Although I got to say "Hi" to Nat Torkington, Betsy W, Derrick Story, Guido van Rossum, and others, I spent most of the evening talking to Brian Jepson and Gordon Meyer since I was sitting next to them.

It turns out that Gordon just moved to Chicago, so maybe I can get a chance to see a fully automated home, or get him to sign my copy of his Smart Home Hacks. Heck, maybe he'll start a business educating homes: I've noticed a lot of new condo developments in Chicago advertising things like networking closets and built-in Cat5 wiring.

Brian Jepson confirmed my suspicions that T-Mobile's family plan account really isn't any savings, so now I can rationalize ditching my current account so I can get a new Motorola Rzor. We talked about interfaces for a while. Randal Schwartz brought up that he thought TiVo is the best interface Man has ever created (or something close to that), and I figured that the Nokia interface on my 3650 must be the worst. When I first got my 3650, I didn't like the interface too much but also figured that maybe I just needed to get into the mindset of a Finnish company. That never really happened. The Nokia phone is otherwise fine, but not enough to make me that loyal. In an earlier entry I outlined what I was looking for when I bought the Nokia.

Other than that, I haven't done much at the conference yet (at least that I can talk about). Everything looks very nice though, and I really mean that. Everything looks fluid and clean and spacious like you'd expect from the people who win industry design awards.


2005-06-08 23:18:35
look more closely
You gotta look with sharp a sharp eye, but there are some Windows laptops here this week. The guy I saw had a sticker over the logo of his though, so I am not sure what he was using. But it sure as hell wasn't a Powerbook! I told him he was smart and brave at the same time, it made him laugh.
2005-06-11 13:32:20
PowerBooks at PDC
Actually, at the 2003 PDC, I saw a few PowerBooks (mostly the 12" models, it seems).