WWDC Wishlist

by Oliver Breidenbach

Okay, only one item on the list: Put WWDC 2007 back into end of May/Beginning of June or move to end of September.

Just to give you a couple of stats on this year's Boinx Software WWDC trip:

4 People
Airline fares 2006 (Economy from Europe): $6,125 (2005: $3,750)
Hotel Rooms 2006: $1,740 (2005: $1,080; same Hotel)
Rental Car Fri-Mon 2006: $280 (2005: $150; bigger car)

At the hight of the tourist season, WWDC is a significantly bigger investment for us than any other time of the year. We wouldn't go if we didn't think it worth it, but still.

After attending 13 or so WWDCs in the Bay Area, I also wished it would be in some other part of the US for a change, but of course it makes sense for Apple to have it close to the mothership.


Chris Ryan
2006-08-07 07:24:57
What about the change in Currency Exchange Rates?