by James Duncan Davidson

The O'Reilly Network team has descended on San Jose in preparation for the start of WWDC on Monday morning. When I first arrived in the afternoon, the big challenge was navigating among all the participants in San Jose's Cinco de Mayo celebration. But as the sun went down, and all the sunburned party people went home, a whole new group of people emerged. Some of them were sporting shirts with various logos on them, others were carrying laptop bags, all were focused on one thing--getting ready for the conference that starts with a SteveNote first thing in the morning.

In just a few hours, I ran into all sorts of people that I know, made new friends, and overheard lots of conversations about all sorts of technologies. Some were talking about OpenGL rendering of meteorological events. Others were debating the various issues with using QuickDraw while still others were discussing Cocoa and how to take advantage of its benefits. A specially heated discussion topic was a group of people trying to come up with questions to "Stump the Experts." at the annual session where developers gather to try to ask questions of an expert panel--and get rewards when their questions go unanswered.

As the evening draws to a close, the truly die-hard are gathering here and there. Some for libation, others for the wireless access that Apple has provided at the conference center (even though the only seating to be found was the rock-hard floor). Everywhere is the backlight glow of Apple logos from scads of iBooks, TiBooks, and PowerBooks. One things is for sure, it's going to be a full week.