X2Web: Remote Control of your Home

by Gordon Meyer

James Sentman's X2Web is out of beta and looking better than ever. What is X2Web, you ask? It's simply the best way to control your home automation system over the web. It works seamlessly with XTension, which isn't surprising given that Sentman is a co-author of the venerable automation control center. XTension was slow coming to Mac OS X, but now that it has arrived, development is blazing ahead with innovations like this.


X2Web works by adding a gateway interface to Apache, which allows the web server to gather up-to-date information from XTension, and offer browser-based control over any of the units (such as lights, for example) that you've authorized for remote access. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. With X2Web you can view any text file, including the XTension log, and control other applications using AppleEvents. For example, although WeatherManX doesn't have a web interface, using the sample setup that Sentman provides you can view and refresh the WeatherManX reports at any time.

Even if you're not interested in opening up outside access to your home, X2Web is worth investigating for your in-home use. For example, with just a little work, you could adapt it for controlling iTunes or other applications from anywhere in your AirPort-equipped house. Sweet!

What will you use X2Web to control?