by Imran Ali

Saddam sentenced to death! Rumsfeld resigns! The GOP loses both Houses of Congress! UK mobile carrier surrenders to internet industry with launch of Three's X-Series, signalling the combustion of a thousand mobile operator business plans.

Three is offering Nokia N73s and Sony Ericsson W950i's preloaded with Skype (yes, Skype!), Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Go, eBay, Orb and Google services alongside support for Slingbox devices. Does this presage the surrender of mobile voice and messaging to the internet industry's VoIP and IM giants? WIll this bootstrap the mobile internet? Will I still have a job? Are MNO's the Internet's bitch?

Here's a roundup of stories analysing the X-Series announcement...
- Through the (walled) garden gate...
- Is today the start of the Mobile Web
- Battle opens for control of mobile internet
- Mobile operator bringing Slingbox to your phone

Why do they call them Walled Gardens anyway, that implies a pleasant environment. How about Shitty Prison?


Rick Ringel
2006-11-17 06:56:49

For me, the 'walled garden' invokes the vision of a mental health facility... where people who cannot cope with the complexity of the real world seek refuge. Its not a bad place to be if you like checkers and have nothing to accomplish. ;)