Xed Out

by Mark Finnern

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xx You may remember that the word Hack and Hacking are banned from the Yahoo group descriptions.

Today they took it one step further, double XX is not allowed [see the picture]. I guess they are fighting the naughty side of the business. But fans of the Vauxhall Trixx will have to find another place to gather.

The funny thing is, that they cut into their own business, because the 'xx' in my group description is in the link from a Yahoo Map that points to the SAP Palo Alto location. Thankfully there is also MapQuest without X.

Sometimes I really wonder, why I still use Yahoo Groups.

Which other groups are Xed from Yahoo?


2004-07-30 06:33:40
End of Yahoo Groups for me
I just signed off of the last of Yahoo Groups this morning. I've been on a few over the years, but the last group was hit a little too often by spam for my taste. Not to mention the thankfully rare group I get added to despite my personal settings indicating not to allow that.
2004-07-30 09:09:48
Why continue using Yahoo groups
you don't have to.

Google has started google groups beta. Now that they are going public, I'm sure within 6 months, groups will be released.