Xerox try to patent AOP

by Dion Almaer

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What is with companies trying to patent silly things. I think I could patent "breathing" in the US, and would be able to charge everyone for doing so.

Xerox - involved in AspectJ - is now trying to patent AOP. Shoot. I should have patented OOP!

I know large companies like Xerox have lawyers on retainer, and hence need to get them to do work... but come on guys. There are better ways to go about this.

Rickard has looked at some of the verbiage too, so check out his comments on the matter


2003-03-19 09:21:07
Make Up For Windows.
I guess Xerox is trying to make up for losing out on the Windows concept which Apple and then M$ took from them. This kind of things makes me sick.
2003-03-20 04:23:18
Can't get through to Rickard's site
Any chance of making the article available here or somewhere else?