XForms and Blogging and FO, Oh My!

by Kurt Cagle

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I hadn't quite planned on turning the XML 2005 coverage into a single continuous blog, but I figure that one last time at that well couldn't hurt, especially since it helps to springboard me into discussions for this week.
The Once and Future XForms

Without really intending to, I spent a great deal of time this last week in the domain of forms. Now, you have to understand the irony of this from my standpoint. I've long had a more or less consistent battle on with "the bureaucracy" for nearly as long as I've been alive - one of these people who, if I could fill out a form incorrectly I would, usually resulting in some dire calamity down the road because I put a period where a comma was expected ... I suspect that if I had ever worked at NASA I would have been the hapless programmer who caused a billion dollar satellite to blow up half a mile from the launchpad because a stray comma in the source told it that it was now under attack by little green men from Proxima Centauri, and that it should self-destruct right NOW!! (Article Continued ...)