XForms Building Momentum

by Micah Dubinko

Related link: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=97806

In both Open Source and Commercial circles, the XForms Standard is building momentum, as shown by comments in the Bugzilla database.

The XForms standard just crossed from myth into reality with the publication of the Candidate Recommendation edition at the W3C, along with a call for implementations.

This transition led to comments on the Bugzilla page request to implement XForms in Mozilla:

Well, XForms is now a Candidate recommendation ... will we wait until Microsoft starts deploying XForms, and then we have to play catch up?

In response, one poster wrote:

I work at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and we need XForms....(Most importantly) To get rid of the Javascript dependancy. Javascript accounts for 90% of our headaches in complex forms, and is extremely brittle and unmaintainable.

Later in the same day, John Keiser, of AOL/Netscape, added:

I'll take this. I will start implementing a month or two from now... It should be a fairly simple task to get a basic implementation up

In the meantime, both commercial and open source outfits have stepped forward with running code: Novell announced, a complete XForms implementation, not to mention fully operational code from X-Smiles, Mozquito, e-XMLMedia, FormsPlayer, and a great phone implementation by HandWise.

What you can do:

As always, you can contribute to the continued success of XForms. You can vote for it in Bugzilla (visit the main page and click "vote for this bug"; registration required). As of this writing, XForms ranks in the top 5, with 171 votes.

Of course, if you can code, there's plenty of opportunities: XBL & JavaScript for Mozilla; Perl for a server-side validator; Python for a couple of interesting projects.

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