XML Conf 2006 First Day

by Keith Fahlgren

[Update: Bob DuCharme is also blogging here. And Robin Hastings. Some more stuff here by David Megginson. Simon did a summary, and here's my second day. Found another more voluminous blogging at Palimpsest]

[Update2: A list of all the blogging links is here]
Here's my stream-of-consciousness blog on the 2006 XML Conference in Boston. The conference is running
four concurrent tracks: Publishing, Enterprise, Web, and Hands-On. I'll
be jumping around between different tracks and trying to give a quick
summary of each session.

They're making a big deal of the 10 year anniversary of the SGML 1996
Conference when the original 27 pages first outlining of XML, developed
over 11 weeks by 11 people, who "left their corporate identities at the
door."(Jon Bosak). Bosak, the original working group chair, is also doing the final session.


Thanking You
2006-12-05 09:09:26
Thanks Keith

for sharing your stream of conciousness - I almost feel I'm