XML Conf 2007 Third Day

by Keith Fahlgren

Here's my notes from the last day of XML Conference 2007. David has collected some of the blogging about the conference.


Edd Dumbill
2007-12-05 12:27:14
Thanks for the mention of XTech. You can find the conference details and call for participation at http://2008.xtech.org/

Jeff Peters
2007-12-05 12:54:47
Unfortunately, I was stuck in Colorado Springs (not so bad) and was unable to attend XML2007. While reviewing some of the blog posts from the XML2007 Conference and Exposition, I came across one event, Enterprise grade Mashup's - Dream or Reality?, that really caught my eye. I was wondering if anyone attended the presentation and had any comments.

As I read through the article about Mashup’s, I kept thinking WOW…we do that and WOW…we do that. I would like to answer the question Dream or Reality? XAware, Inc.’s OSS brings an outstanding Enterprise grade Mashup to the table for anyone looking at creating, deploying, and consuming Web services.
Not only can XAware create and consume web services, but anyone can take a WSDL and create a SOAP BizComponent in mere minutes. Create a BizDocument and expose it as a WEB Service, yes XAware does that too. The Web Service can access databases, write to files, transport data via JMS, MQ, email, and FTP, the web service data can be transformed with XSL or be mapped to other structures or ….the possibilities for mashing the data are endless.

XAware can execute Javascript, Java programs, or functoids against the data to further mash the data. Once the data is truly mashed and re-mashed, you may display the data to the user through several APIs or simply update a database or write out a file or ….

I could go on and on about the XAware Mashup, but try it for yourself (http://www.xaware.org/content/view/60/527/) and start mashing. I would say that Enterprise grade Mashup's are a Reality today with XAware.

Again, I’m interested on feedback from the presentation.

Jeff Peters
Software Quality Assurance Manager
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Joel Amoussou
2007-12-15 14:45:32

Thanks for covering my presentation. The term "Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA)" has been introduced by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby in their new book entitled "RESTful Web Services". The book is certainly one of the best programming books of the decade.

Joel Amoussou

Keith Fahlgren
2007-12-15 14:55:19
Joel: Thanks for the recommendations on RESTful Web Services. I keep meaning to read it, but clearly need to bump it to the top of my list.