XML I'd like to see at OSCON

by Simon St. Laurent

Related link: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/os2005/create/e_sess

The general call for papers for OSCON talks a bit about some XML and Apache XML things the conference organizers (myself included) would like to hear about, but I'd like to suggest some general trends on which I'd like to see presentations:

  • OSCON has focused more on Open Source than Open Data historically, so talks aimed directly at programmers are likely the most effective here.

  • That said, I'd like to see some talks which look at how Open Source and open XML-based data formats can reinforce each other. It feels to me like XML has brought with it many more opportunities to blur the open/proprietary line.

  • XSLT seems to remain mysterious to a lot of programmers, and it would be good to see talks which focus on integrating XSLT with other (Perl, PHP, Java, etc.) processing.

  • Half-day quickstart tutorials which give programmers what they need to get started with various XML technologies in a compressed time frame would be appreciated.

We'll be taking proposals until February 13th, midnight PST.


2005-02-01 14:18:48
an interesting approach....

It's all openly published standards, with the capabilities to be delivered in products (out of Australia) in the coming year, I'm told by one of the authors. The gist as I understand it is to define high performance networked services simply by pointing to XML schema and then sucking data into directories.