XML, meet InDesign

by Simon St. Laurent

I'd heard various stories of InDesign's XML capabilities, especially at the CS2 release, but mostly they didn't seem, er, compelling. Until now, anyway. I'm not sure Adobe aimed InDesign CS3 at people like me, but CS3's capabilities seem to have just crossed the border into something I would use to combine publishing and structured documents. My guide? XML Publishing with InDesign CS2+, which we just published today.


Howard Katz
2007-06-20 16:16:05
Simon, you've titled a link at the bottom of the column as "use JavaScript to automate JavaScript". Surely that's not right?!
Bottom Line
2008-04-02 10:27:40
The bottom line: it is totally ridicolous and a real shame for a company like adobe that docbook is still not fully supported. Indesign and XML is to a certain degree ok - but for the price you would not like to have "certain degree" - you want the whole thing! I call you, people: go to the adobe guys, go on they nerves, stop buying their products until we have professional xml AND Opendocument support - and btw they should open the indesign document format so other software could generate indesign documents.