by Kurt Cagle

XML is ten years old this year, which by any measure should be treated as a not insignificant milestone. When I started covering the technology as a writer back in late 1997, each article or book that I wrote had to indicate that this was the eXtensible Markup Language (the X was sexier than E, apparently) and that the language in turn was something that could be used to describe documents and possibly other things, as experimentation with the emerging XML parsers began to illustrate.

Edd Dumbill was the key driving force in getting off the ground for O'Reilly, with the site seen as being the entre into a radical new technology that would likely change the way we make web pages and do a few other things, but the decision to set up such a website was also something of a risk - there were other technologies that were more exciting, and for every person who understood the potential of the language, there were dozens, make that hundreds of otherwise technically competent people who saw XML as being a flash in the pan.


Arun Batchu
2008-05-28 13:29:15
Kurt, I see good changes already - a good diversity in perspectives and experiences and an increasing number of authors. What started as a casual interest in the blog is now turning into a "place to hang out". Kudos, yes, the next 10 years should definitely be interesting.
M. David Peterson
2008-05-28 15:26:31
w00t! :D