XO Claims Big VoIP Increase

by Bruce Stewart

XO is proudly trumpeting their latest quarter's VoIP usage stats, claiming to have processed over 2.2 billion VoIP minutes, a 22% increase over the previous quarter. While that surely is a sign of continued VoIP uptake, not everyone is impressed. Alec Saunders points out that the more important metrics are number of subscribers, and the dollars earned per subscriber. With the cost of voice minutes continuing to plummet, he's certainly right that just bragging about the number of minutes you've got rings a little hollow. And Ted Wallingford wants to know how this compares to Vonage or Packet8, and doesn't think it's worth getting that excited about.


2006-01-22 18:20:33
Considering that Vonage uses XO as a provider, I wouldn't be surprised if the vast majority of those 2.2 billion VoIP minutes were Vonage customers at work.