XP SP2 breaks Captive-NTFS. How to work around this.

by Kyle Rankin

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Windows XP Service Pack 2 seems to break the captive-ntfs installer. The bitdefender knowledge base lists a workaround for the issue but there are also a few other workarounds, including some especially for Knoppix users.

Basically, it appears that the captive-ntfs installer GUI can't find ntoskrnl.exe so the workaround involves mounting the NTFS partition read-only, and directly pointing the Captive NTFS installer to the Windows directory on that system.

Another possible workaround if you have network connectivity is to skip the filesystem scanning altogether, and have the GUI download and extract the files it needs from XP SP1. Of course if you use this method you will need to wait as the 30MB of data is downloaded, which can be quite a bit of waiting if you need to use this method on multiple machines.

A third workaround that I've recently gotten into is to create a special Knoppix config with all of the XP SP1 files that captive needs and store it on a usb key I carry with me. I've discussed how to use the Knoppix saveconfig script to create persistent settings previously, although for this you need to do some extra tweaking. What I have come up with is a general-purpose configs.tbz file that contains not only the captive-ntfs files I need, but also the chntpw tool to edit the Windows registry, updated f-prot files using the Knoppix live software installer, dd_rescue, and dd_rhelp to image failing drives.

Basically I go through the various methods to install each of these applications to the live Knoppix CD, then I use the same tar command that the saveconfig script uses to create a tarball of all of the directories I need to keep:
BZIP2=-9 tar -cpPjf /mnt/sda1/sysadmin/configs.tbz /home/knoppix/.dist/ /home/knoppix/.knx-live-inst/ /home/knoppix/Software/ /home/knoppix/Desktop/Extra\ Software/ /var/lib/captive/*.sys /var/lib/captive/ntoskrnl.exe

Now I have all of these various directories backed up into my sysadmin/configs.tbz file on my usb drive. I copy the standard knoppix.sh file that saveconfig creates to that directory as well, and then next time I boot Knoppix, if I want to use my sysadmin config, I type knoppix myconfig=/dev/sda1/sysadmin at the boot: prompt. This saves me all the time that it normally takes to download and install any of these tools individually, plus I can use everything on a machine that doesn't have a network connection at all.

I also use this method to back up other types of configs I use in different directories on the usb drive so I can select any of them at the boot: prompt. I just set up my configuration once, and either use saveconfig, or a tar command to create the configs.tbz. If you are backing up configuration files inside /home/knoppix and you aren't sure what exactly to back up, you can always have saveconfig back up everything, and then bunzip2 the configs.tbz file, use tar --delete to remove the files you don't need, or tar -r to add files, and then bzip2 it back up.


2005-03-17 20:36:10
Too bad, captive-ntfs is dead
It doesn't work for SP2, because it's no longer being developed and, for some strange reason, nobody wants to work on it. Which, I can't understand because it's so incredibly usefull! From the October list, I quote:
Hi all,

it was apparent in the last months there is not much support for Captive.

All my personal commercial goals were already reached by this project and
I found out I have no longer any reasons to convince myself to give it my time.
Thanks for your time with Captive.

Anyone going to take over it is welcome although I doubt it will happen.
There are just relatively small amounts of coding required to extend it to
support not just filesystems but also other MS-Windows NT driver types as those
for (currently GNU/Linux unsupported) USB devices, storage controllers etc.

Best Regards,
Jan "Lace" Kratochvil

2005-04-10 13:12:07
I can't "work around"
I can't get the darn thing to work.

I've got a read-only ext2fsd.sys in /KNOPPIX/var/lib/captive that I can't get rid of. I've managed to get all the files I need for captive-ntfs to work, but I can't write them to that directory either, because the whole thing seems to be read-only. I'm not entirely a newbie (I've been using Knoppix since just before Christmas after my XP SP2 system stopped booting, and I have your "Knoppix Hacks" - in fact, this is why I BOUGHT your "Knoppix Hacks" :o)

I have almost endless patience, but this is driving me up the wall...

I'm busy downloading the Knoppix 3.8.1 ISO and will try again when I've booted it. Mebbe something will have changed... :o)