[xsl-list:mhkay] XSLT 2.0 Vs XSLT 1.0

by M. David Peterson

In response to the question:

What is the advantage of using xslt 2.0 versus xslt 1.0?

posted yesterday, May 9th, 2006 to XSL-List, Dr. Michael Kay responds:

Features or benefits?

At the "features" level: masses. The quick wins tend to be grouping
capability, multiple output files, regular expressions, date and time
handling, stylesheet functions, temporary trees, sequence data types. The
language has roughly doubled in size, so it's hard to give a short answer.

At the "benefits" level:

(a) productivity, through

(i) generally fewer lines of code for the same task
(ii) faster debugging cycle because of type checking (especially with
(iii) faster learning curve because there's less need for weird
workarounds to common problems

(b) robustness, again through type checking

(c) applicability to a wider range of tasks, e.g. up-conversion.

(d) performance, particularly for tasks such as grouping that are now
supported by built-in capability.

Michael Kay