Yahoo Messenger Looking to Challenge Skype

by Bruce Stewart

Om Malik posted yesterday that Yahoo will release a new version of its Messenger IM program next week that will now support calling out to the PSTN. The pricing structure hasn't been revealed yet, but according to Om Yahoo is looking to rain on Skype's parade:

The pricing for the callout numbers is not certain as yet, though the current generation communicator allows unlimited incoming calls for $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year. The new offering, according to those in the know is likely to put Yahoo on an equal footing with Skype. Yahoo, clearly has designs on stealing market share from Skype.


2006-03-18 04:21:50
Did they say anything about a Mac version or are us Mac users going to be even further in the Dark Ages in terms of the application version?

Personally, I'd rather they spend more time working on their IM-spam problem than adding new glitz. From the moment I sign into yahoo messenger, I have about 30 instant-message spams from folks trying to get me to buy cheaply made sneaker-knockoffs from asia, to people trying to sell me other "prime" yahoo IDs.

Bruce Stewart
2006-03-18 09:10:30
I don't have any inside info on this question, but it sounds like Andy Abramson does, and it's good news for all of us mac users. From Andy's recent post:

What's more by all accounts Om (like me) should be very happy. The new release will likely include a very Cocoa flavored Mac version.