Yahoo Mobile RSS reader workaround

by Todd Ogasawara

The My Yahoo! personal portal has a couple of features in beta testing that you, like me, may have decided to try.
The two features I tried are: (1) Subscribing to RSS feeds on the personal page; (2) Creating a second page for My Yahoo.
I placed all the RSS feed lists on that second page.
This worked fine on my desktop.
However, when I tried to see this page of RSS feeds on my Yahoo Mobile personal portal on my phone or PDA, I was thrown to this URL and saw the screen below:


This URL probably works ok if you have a single My Yahoo personal page.
However, if you created a second page like I did,
you need to change the pt value from 0 to 2 to see the page on your mobile device.


If this works for you, bookmark this modified web address in your mobile browser so you can quickly see it after logging in to Yahoo on your mobile device.

Found any other Yahoo Mobile quirks?