Yahoo! Opens Up IM and Voice Platform

by Bruce Stewart

Yahoo! continues to show signs that it understands the fundamental goodness of open standards, platorms, and APIs as it announced a new 8.0 version of Yahoo! Messenger with Voice that now supports an open plugin architecture. Yahoo! Messenger with Voice 8.0 launched with add-ons for,, Yahoo! 360, eBay., and more. The SDK is available as a free download. Another nice feature is an upgrade to Messenger's file tranfer capability to 1GB.

From the Yahoo! Developer network:
The Messenger Plug-in SDK is a JavaScript and C++ API that you use to create add-ons with collaborative features that can run inside Yahoo! Messenger. Plug-ins run in the main Messenger window, or as part of an IM conversation.

The opening up of the Messenger API can only be seen as a positive move and was acknowledged with approval across the blogosphere. Tom Keating likes the new sound effects that can be used with voice conversations and Russell Shaw wondered how Skype felt about the new eBay Messenger plugin. But I have to echo Ted Wallingford's concern: where's the Mac version?