YAMB: Modding Mac OS X Hits the Street

by Chuck Toporek

YAMB = Yet Another Mac Book

Well, another book I've edited has hit the street. This new one, titled Modding Mac OS X: Extreme Makeovers For Your Mac (written by Erica Sadun), shows you how to do all kinds of stuff to your Mac. You'll learn how to:

  • Find hidden features in your favorite applications

  • Dive inside application bundles to find hidden resources

  • Change application and systemwide keyboard shortcuts

  • Work with the Property List Editor to read and edit plist files

  • Wrap your head around the defaults command to tweak an application's settings

  • Hack on NIB files to change an application's interface

  • Control an application with AppleScript -- even if it isn't "scriptable"

For more information about the book, you can download the Table of Contents, or download the book's sample chapter, titled Application Dumpster Diving.