YAPC is coming to Chicago

by brian d foy

Josh McAdams and Pete Krawczyk are organizing the next North American Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC), and I went to the first planning meeting last night.

I'm just an interested person and I resisted the impulse to volunteer to do anything (other than sponsorship from Stonehenge Consulting and The Perl Review), but some of the things they're thinking about are pretty exciting:

  • Cross pollenization: There are a lot of Ruby folks in the area, and the local Perl people are interested what they have to say. There might be a couple of Ruby talks, or at least a get-together.
  • I'm going to try to put some reduced-price (YAPC is about low cost) open enrollment Perl training next to the conference so people can get both on the same plane ticket.
  • If we're going to turn on the lights for open enrollment training, we might as well maximally use the facility we're already paying for. I'm going to encourage other Perl presenters to do extra pre-conference stuff too.
  • Since Josh runs Perlcast, there might be some interesting live or minimally delayed podcasts.

There are also a lot of things that probably won't happen, but YAPC will survive without them:

  • Senators Obama and Durbin taking part in a panel discussion about technology in government.
  • Mayor Daley declaring a Perl Day while opening the conference.
  • Touch football at Soldier Field

I can't announce the dates or any real details. They haven't issued the Call for Papers yet, but that doesn't mean that you can't start thinking about it!