Year of the Little Guy at Macworld NYC?

by Derrick Story

At first I was a little irritated to read that Adobe, Macromedia, Bare Bones, Symantec, and others had decided to sit this one out at Macworld NYC. Then I thought about it for a minute.

Here we have this great new platform on the best hardware ever with a very promising conference in New York City to show it off. What a perfect time for new companies to make their move. Make no doubt: Macworld NYC is going to be booming. I can't wait to get in the middle of it and see what the new guys are offering for my PowerBook. After all, I still have a gig or two free for new goodies.

So yeah, at first I was miffed. Call me fickle, but I'm over it, way over it, and can't wait to meet the next generation.

What's your take on the changing Mac landscape, and what do you think we'll see in New York?


2002-07-14 08:35:08
Yes, Indeed!
I agree, and it is about time that MacWorld is no longer just about the "big-boys". With a Unix based operating system, I expect to see more fresh blood into the MacWorld and it is healthy for Apple. However, I think Apple should nourish them, and encourage them.