"Yet Another" Is Anything But

by Derrick Story

When Kevin Lenzo took the Grand Ballroom stage Friday morning at the Open Source Convention, many in the audience knew nothing about the announcement he would soon make.

Kevin explained that even though the world might not need another society, the open source community could benefit from the nuturing of Yet Another Society. The purpose is to help fund developers working in Perl and other open source technologies.

According to Simon Cozens, the story is that YAS has merged with the Perl Mongers and Perlmonks. YAS has
already been active in the Perl community for around a year, organizing the YAPCs, and was the vehicle through which funding was obtained for Damian Conway's indenture. (Thanks Simon for setting me straight)

After Kevin Lenzo made the announcement, Larry Wall then took the microphone and told the story about a letter he had received years ago. The letter contained $14 in cash with a note stating: "Please use this for Perl development."

Larry never quite knew what to do with the $14 ... that is until today when he handed it to Kevin Lenzo as the first donation to the Yet Another Society.

Larry Wall hands Kevin Lenzo $14 as a donation to Yet Another Society with Damian Conway looking on. Photo by Derrick Story