Yet Another Perl 6 Operator: the series

by Adriano Ferreira

You surely heard about the upcoming Perl 6 language. This language will be endowed with a set of features so rich that every Greek and Trojan is eager to see a full working implementation. Among these features, there are operators, many of them. Perl 6 was even said to be an operator-oriented language, with a yet larger diversity than Perl 5 already has.


2007-09-19 18:09:51
why did the url of this page get moved? the url i bookmarked yesterday doesn't go here anymore!
Adriano Ferreira
2007-09-21 04:44:06
I am not sure about how this [URL changing] happened. But it has to do with MovableType that is used at this blog. Sometimes it does this when you make an update. I am trying to know more about MT to stop this annoyance from happening again, but don't have many clues right now.

2007-09-21 17:13:43
This makes me want to stomp my foot and cry, like a petulant child. Someday I may be the unlucky maintainer of some Perl 6 program which is full of all these wonderful operators and all their contextual quirkiness. It makes me prematurely sad and angry. Perl 6 is in many ways an intellectual achievement, but like VX Gas, one has to wonder if it's a good way to apply your mind.
2008-02-08 17:02:53
Link to Boolean operators doesn't work.