You Don't Need to Wait for Vista for Gadgets

by Preston Gralla

One of the nicer features about the next version of Windows, Vista, are the "gadgets" that will come with it -- little applets that sit on your desktop or sidebar that will display the weather, or control playing music, play games, or do almost anything else. The Mac already has them, so if you suffer Mac-envy, you should be pleased.

But you don't need to wait for Vista if you want gadgets now. Yahoo's Konfabulator uses what it calls widgets. And Google's new personalized home page includes them as well, although they're not yet visible. To get to them, head to the widget directory.

Both Yahoo and Google include APIs so that anyone can write their own. So expect to see plenty of more of these useful little applets.

What you see now is only a tiny sample of what you'll see when Vista arrives. But enjoy them while you can; we've still got a full year ahead of us for Vista.

What are your favorite gadgets and widgets?


2005-12-14 14:38:46
Konfabulator not so good...
I found that it always caused awful focus issues. I stopped being able to tab around outlook (or most applications for that matter) and it made the mouse behave strangely sometimes. It sure was pretty, though.
2005-12-15 08:16:16
I think you can use Microsoft's own Gadgets ( now, without having to wait for Vista or resort to a competitor. I think.
2005-12-20 09:27:52
Except that the gadgets page doesn't display properly in Firefox. but looks fine in IE. Sorry, not interested for that reason. Why put up with vendor lock-in when there are other alternatives?