Your home: The Ultimate Peripheral?

by Gordon Meyer

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A couple of weeks ago, I had a great time talking to Scott Sheppard and Christian Pickman on the Inside Mac radio show. We chatted about some of the fun things you can do with home automation, and touched on the best software programs for extending your "digital hub" to include your home or apartment.

If you missed the show, visit the recap page and click "Listen Now" to tap into the crystal-clear replay.

Here are some links for the products mentioned during the show:

XTension by SandHill Engineering
Indigo by Perceptive Automation
WeatherMan by AfterTen Software

If you need an X10 starter kit or modules, visit Smarthome, Inc.

Also, don't miss Alan Graham's Home Automation with Mac OS X.

The best way to get started with home automation is to dive right in. Is there anything holding you back?