Your music is valuable...

by Robert Daeley

After my newly purchased Dresden Dolls album finished downloading from iTunes this evening, an unfamiliar dialog box popped up:

your music is valuable

Is that new? I don't remember seeing it before. Maybe I've just hit return too quickly in the past and I'm forgetting.

DRM opponents will of course raise the question: is this really My Music now? ;) The Terms of Service outline the rules, naturally, yet after a brief scan, I don't see anything about backing up.

Of course I know the physical method of how to back up the song files, but it's remarkable to me that I actually thought of the bigger picture. Legalities and legalese are an integral part of this new world of digital rights and intellectual property and virtual consumption -- a world where the text of a helpful dialog box could get you in trouble with lawyers.

Sometimes it makes me want to crawl into a friendly xterm window and shut out everything after 1990. This is the same urge that makes me occasionally boycott megacorporations and threaten to harm my television. Buy a record player from a thrift store and live off vinyl for the rest of my life. ;D

However, I enjoy being able to instantly access pretty much any song ever and so will curtail the urges. Balancing the technophile and the luddite is hard.


2005-12-03 09:38:20
been around
That dialog has been around to some degree or another for awhile.

Entirely side note: you can take a better screen shot IMO with cmd-shift-4, then spacebar, then click. It takes a picture of just the window/dialog box/etc. that you click on, and nothing else. W00t! cmd-shift-4 also lets you click to draw a box around what to capture, if you don't hit space first.